EXCLUSIVE! Willi Williams ‘UNIFICATION’ First Listen

On September 30th, 2014, Shanachie Entertainment will release Unification: From Channel One To King Tubbys With Willi Williams And Yabby You, the long-lost roots reggae treasure so long anticipated.

The album is a collaboration between two of reggae’s most enduring legends, Yabby You and Willi Williams. Recorded at both fabled Channel One studio and King Tubby’s studio, the album utilized a diverse group of top-shelf Jamaican musicians, including Sly & Robbie and the Revolutionaries,  Soul Syndicate, The Gladiators, Jackie Mitoo, Bobby Ellis, Cedric “IM” Brooks and Bobby Kalphat.

“Of course everyone knows Willi Williams fromArmageddon Time,’”  says Shanachie’s Randall Grass, “but he’s produced so much good music that has been under the radar, known only to the deepest roots aficionados, often released only on his own label with limited distribution. This album he produced with Yabby You is truly a “lost classic” that I think ranks with his best work. We hope that releasing it on Shanachie will give him the wider attention he deserves.”

Here is an EXCLUSIVE first listen to the long-awaited album…

1. Rock On
2. Home
3. Daughters of Zion
4. Children
5. Unification
6. Armagideon Man
7. Natty Natty
8. One Destiny
9. Rally
10. Righteousness
11. Free Dem
12. Any Day

Album available September 30, 2014.  For more information and to pre-order please visit AMAZON or ITUNES.

Scanned Image 2

Scanned Image 4(2)

Many thanks to MIDNIGHT RAVER’S Peter van Arnhem for sharing this 1984 feature on Willi Williams…

Melody Maker, May 11, 1984

Melody Maker, May 11, 1984

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