RAVER EXCLUSIVE! Ras Michael, Joe Higgs live, Los Angeles 1995


In mid-October 1995, Peter van Arnhem and Glen Lockley travelled from their homes in Holland and England respectively to visit their good friend and Marley-mentor Roger Steffens in Los Angeles. One evening, towards the end of their stay, Roger invited a number of friends round to his house, an event that culminated in an impromptu jam session featuring reggae legends Joe Higgs and Ras Michael, from the Sons Of Negus. The highlight of their breath-taking acoustic set was a memorable rendition of Stepping Razor. Introducing the song, Higgs reaffirmed that it was indeed his composition, “If you don’t believe me that I wrote this song, ok, just look how tall Peter is.” Strumming an acoustic guitar and backed by Ras Michael’s heartbeat drumming, Joe delivered a passionate and intense version of the rude-boy anthem. Nineteen years later, we are delighted to share those four-and-a-half minutes of musical magic with you.

Video footage © Peter van Arnhem and Glen Lockley.

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