Chin vs. Chin: VP legal battle a civil war

As reported by the New York Post on December 9, 2014, Clive Chin is suing VP Music Group for damages resulting from VP’s alleged use of songs that Chin claims to have written.

The son of a late Jamaican music producer who worked with Bob Marley is suing Patricia “Miss Pat” Chin over ownership of songs the producer wrote, according to a Brooklyn federal lawsuit.

Clive Chin claims that he wrote more than 1,100 songs recorded by various Jamaican artists and that his dad Vincent’s Queens-based V.P. Music Group is licensing them without permission.

Chin is seeking $3 million from his stepmother, Patricia, and three music companies he claims knowingly tried to scam him.

Clive Chin produced Augustus Pablo’s international hit “Java” in 1971 and went on to work with the likes of The Wailers, Dennis Brown, Lee Perry and Black Uhuru, among others.  he is considered a pioneer in Jamaican dub music.



2 thoughts on “Chin vs. Chin: VP legal battle a civil war

  1. A real shame….after what Clive must have gone through with the senseless death of his son a few years ago…and Ms. Pat now in her advanced years…I truly hope they can come to some sort of amicable agreement.

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