Don Carlos and Barrington Levy Live on Volcano Hi Power 1983

Here is a special audio recording.  The greats Don Carlos and Barrington Levy bless the massive ‘pon Volcano Hi Power with Burro Banton at the controls.  “Volcano a ‘di A-1 sound.  Riiibbbbiiiitt…”

Big news regarding Barrington Levy.  I had the opportunity to spend some time with both Barrington and Jah Screw several weeks ago when I was in Kingston.  I recorded an interview with Barrington in which he reveals that he has recorded an acoustic album of some of his most beloved hits.  The album, which he collaborated on with producer Handel Tucker, also contains several brand new tracks as well.  The tentative title for the album is AcousticaLevy.

The interview is 45 minutes of Barrington speaking open and honest about the sad state of reggae dancehall, which is pervasive in Jamaican radio.  He also discusses the very first time he performed live on-stage, and talked about those who were instrumental in building his career.   We also had a fascinating discussion about how he has been heavily investing in his local community by donating computers and other vital supplies to local schools and more.  In fact, he just built a radio tower from which he will broadcast his own radio station!

Both Barrington Levy and Jah Screw are the coolest, most solid bredren I have ever met in this reggae thing.  I’m working on transcribing the interview now.  Will certainly share it in its entirety as soon as I’m finished.

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