Jah Raver reviews Midnite’s ‘Ride Tru’ (I-Grade Records) 2014

How does an artist follow an album considered by many to be the best reggae album of 2014? If you are Midnite, you get right back in the studio with the same brilliant production team and follow that album a few short months later with one that nearly eclipses it entirely.

Midnite’s Beauty For Ashes was not only a contender for the best reggae album of 2014, it was the most popular, most played, and most purchased reggae album of the year according to iTunes.  It was also a crowning achievement for a band who, over the past twenty-five years, has changed the sound of reggae, transformed the structure of the reggae song, and resurrected the entire roots reggae genre. Of course, someone failed to notify the Reggae Grammy Committee, whose annual adventure in obsolescence continued unabated in 2014 with the nomination of one great reggae album and five of the most uninspired, unoriginal, and just plain awful “pop contemporary” reggae albums released for the year.

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I-Grade Records

I-Grade Records

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