As Bob Marley turns 70 his estate opens the audio/video vaults for fans

The year 2015 would have marked the 70th birthday of Nesta Robert Marley, the international “King of Reggae” and one of the most celebrated musical artists of the last half of the 20th century. Bob Marley, who was born to a single mother on February 6, 1945 in a small village in St. Ann’s Parish, Jamaica, overcame impossible odds to become one of the world’s most popular yet unlikely rock icons. Since his passing in 1981, Marley has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, earned a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and was recently awarded  Jamaica’s third highest honor, the Jamaican Order of Merit. In addition, at the turn of the millennium, his song, “One Love, was named song of the millennium by the BBC. The album from which it was featured, 1977’s  Exodus, was selected by Time Magazine as the album of the century.

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