David Jahson “Jah Is Coming For His Earth” (Jaques)

Here is a rare vinyl cut from Everald Pickersgill AKA David Jahson titled “Jah Is Coming For His Earth” on the Jaques imprint.  Jahson got his start recording dubplates for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One before recording for Byron Lee at Dynamic Sounds.  His most well known tune, “Natty Chase The Barber,” which uses John Holt’s “Ali Baba” riddim was recorded in 1975 at Channel One and mixed at King Tubby’s..

This tune was produced by the Lewis brothers, Ian and Roger, who co-founded the Inner Circle band in 1968.  The Lewis brothers have had an incredible career spanning almost 50 years.  They struck gold in 1989 with the song “Bad Boys” which has been used as the opening theme to the smash hit TV show COPS.

The b-side version is wicked!

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