Livicated: One Man’s Quest to Preserve Reggae History

Reggae music maintains that music is a weapon to be used for social change and revolution. Roger Steffens spent the past thirty years preserving a voice that calls out for equality and human rights—a voice that governments and authorities have tried to silence for years. The film LIVICATED is on a mission to bring the story of Roger’s archives and reggae’s battle to the public’s attention and help save the history of an entire culture.

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Featuring Interviews with: Carlos Santana, Ben Harper, Neville Garrick (Bob’s Art Director) and Roger Steffens. With Rare and Unreleased footage of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Fela Kuti and Miriam Makeba.

This music was the voice of the revolution, and its uncompromising demand for civil rights quickly spread around the world, while being ignored at home. Jamaica has not kept this history alive—Roger has.

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2 thoughts on “Livicated: One Man’s Quest to Preserve Reggae History

  1. Cool! I saw this (what must have been an earlier draft) about 10 years ago at Slamdance (a smaller indie version) at the Sundance Film Festival. Looks lik more footage has been added, when watching the preview. It was cool talking with the producers of the film- albeit they didn’t know too much about the footage they had. They had played some video of Bob’s “Bass is Heavy” rehearsal, but didn’t know anything about it (not even the song titles) when asked.

    If you get a chance, check it out. It’s a great insight on reggae and Ras Rojah.

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