Jah Raver’s Freddie McGregor Vinyl Selections

Included here are several rare Freddie McGregor vinyl selections from my record collection.

Rare 12″ mix of “Across The Border” issued on a RAS 12″ in 1984 in the run up to the Across The Border LP release.  Features the Studio One Band…

Scanned Image

“Chant It Down” with rare version…


“Sargeant Brown” featuring Soul Syndicate on the riddim.  Issued on a Priest Hood 7″.

Scanned Image 2

Rare extended mix of “Rastaman Camp” from Studio One…


Rare alternate mix of “Brotherman” from the Come On Over LP.


“Rasta Man” 7″ mix…


“Big Ship” issued on a Thompson Sounds 7″…


“Yes I Am Ready”/”Try Love” 12″ issued on the Live & Learn label…

Scanned Image 1

And don’t miss The Roots of Freddie McGregor – an exclusive Jah Raver mix of Freddie’s foundation roots tunes.

1.Rastaman Camp
2.Peaceful Man
3.Big Ship
4.Big Ship (Version)
7.Shirley Come Over
8.We Got Love
9.Apple Of My Eye
10.Walls Of Jericho
11.Jah Can Count On I
12.All In The Same Boat
13.Rhythm So Nice
14.Jah Is The Don
15.Natty Dread
16.I Am A Revolutionist
17.Rasta Have Faith
19.Chant It Down
20.War Mongers
21.Out Of The Valley
22.Across The Border
23.I Man A Rasta

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