Suns of Dub Mixtape! (Free Download)

Major Lazer & Walshy Fire Present the Suns Of Dub Mixtape mixed by Walshy Fire, featuring Addis Pablo, Ras Jammy & the Suns of Dub, the new generation of Rockers International. A mix of Dub, Reggae, DnB, EDM and many different Dub-Influenced Genres. This Mixtape includes a range of new, originals & remixes w/ Chronixx, Bob Marley, Major Lazer, Queen Omega, Zebulun, Protoje, Kabaka Pyramid, Earl Sixteen & more!

Check it, download it and share it!


1. Vybz wa yuh Feel – Suns of Dub & El Toro
2. Babylon Dubbing Down – Kelissa (Suns of Dub Mix)
3. Do it – Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
4. Sound Boy Dub – Simonese Iyata (Rastafari Rise Riddim)
5. Real Dub – Kabaka Pyramid (Rastafari Rise Riddim)
6. Amsterdam Interview Interlude – Suns of Dub
7. Fall in Love (feat. Addis Pablo) – Slum Village (Suns of Dub Mix)
8. Amsterdam Interview Interlude – Suns of Dub
9. Hot Steppa DubMIx (feat. Chronixx & Green Lion Crew) – Suns of Dub
10. Wall Street (Get Free) – Chronixx (Suns of Dub Mix)
11. Wait in Vain (feat. Addis Pablo) – Bob Marley (Suns of Dub Mix)
12. Dub CInderella – Protoje (Cinderella in Black Riddim)
13. Weeping (Ganja) Dub – Kabaka Pyramid (Suns of Dub & Bek Susertz)
14. Zion I Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) – Adam Prescott & Suns of Dub
15. My Name Dub – Kabaka Pyramid & Augustus Pablo (Havendale Rock)
16. DubTron – Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
17. Touch the Road Dub – Luciano (Suns of Dub Mix)
18. Music Like Herb Interview Interlude – Ras Jammy
19. Lavantille Uprising (feat. Derron & TesfaZion) – Suns of Dub (Journey to Port of Spain)
20. Rastafari & Augustus Pablo in Music Interlude – Addis Pablo
21. Inna de Dub – Addis Pablo & Suns of Dub
22. Mountain Peak (feat. Machet) – Addis Pablo
23. Far I (Send Out) – Suns of Dub
24. New Dub – Jah 9 & Addis Pablo (Call of the Righteous)
25. Welcome to Trinidad (feat. Derron) – Suns of Dub
26. Alpha Omega (feat. Augustus Pablo) – Suns of Dub & El Toro (The Russian Experiment)
27. Freedom Fighters Dub (feat. Earl Sixteen) – Suns of Dub
28. Rat Race Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) – Randy Valentine
29. Life as a Soldier – Queen Omega (The Journey to Baltimore)
30. Concrete Dub (feat. Addis Pablo) – Zebulun (Suns of Dub)
31. No Woman No Dub – Bob Marley (Suns of Dub Mix)


The Best Vinyl Pressing of 2013


Competition was very stiff, but if you are going to purchase just one vinyl pressing this year, it must be this one.

“Selassie SoulJahz in Dub” is that record we’ve all been waiting for.  Can he step into his father’s shoes and carry this tradition that is almost a religion to those of us lucky enough to feel the vibes Augustus Pablo sent out into the ether?  Well, you must make up your own mind.  I am stunned…that’s right…stunned with the quality of this release.  Collector’s grade packaging and vinyl, crisp, clear audio, and Addis Pablo doing his thing on melodica.  You catch that?  HIS thing.  This is not recycled Augustus Pablo sounds, this is played from the heart and from the spirit where his father still resides.  I know this because I’ve talked with him about it at length.  I consider Addis Pablo and RasJammy friends of both myself and this blog.  We were one of the first to step out on behalf of Suns of Dub and our loyalty has not waivered.  This is reggae.  This is reggae.

Side A of the 10″ is pure Pablo dub vibes through and through.  On the B-Side we have an excellent vocal version feat. Chronixx, Sizzla, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid on the vocal and Addis on melodica.

COP THIS NOW!  This is a limited release and they are flying off the shelves.  Everyone wants this piece of history.  This is a real collector’s item.  Don’t let it get away.  Click the advert in the sidebar and get your very own from

If you don’t do vinyl, you can also download it from Amazon and Itunes!

Do me a favor.  If you like their work, go buy the vinyl or the digital download.  Don’t just pirate it from the internet.  Good people making good music for all the right reasons.


“Selassie Souljahz in Dub” by Addis Pablo and Suns of Dub

ADDIS PABLO AND SUNS OF DUB are at it again, this time with a high grade dub effort that may eclipse anything they’ve produced thus far…and that is saying a hell of a lot.  The tracks they have been producing and sharing through their SoundCloud rank amongst the very best in the “world-a-reggae” right now.
“Selassie Souljahz in Dub” is a team effort from Royal Order Music (King I-Vier / Jah Yzer) which sees ADDIS PABLO AND SUNS OF DUB blessing “Sellasie Souljahz,” a murderous track by Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Protojé, and Sizzla, with their own sound and vibes, which I describe as “Jah atmosphere.”  There is nothing in the ether right now that can match this team, led by ADDIS PABLO (yes, son of dub master Augustus) and RasJammy Triniyard.  
I spoke with King I-Vier who co-executive produced the track for Royal Order Music.
“After releasing the song “SELASSIE SOULJAHZ” by Chronixx, Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje & Sizzla we decided to burn di fire even hotter when I linked with Ras Jammy from Suns Of Dub. The 4 track SELASSIE SOULJAHZ IN DUB E.P. will be released May 7th 2013 that will include a Addis Pablo Melodica Version, Melodica Dub, Vocal Dub & a Instrumental Dub Version. I give thanks to di most high HIM Haile Selassie I for blessing I with the opportunity to work with this incredible set of Artist. Look for many great things to come from Royal Order Music!”
And while we sit, listen, and try to process how ADDIS PABLO AND SUNS OF DUB are staying three tracks ahead of every other production team in the game, rest assured that they are in the lab creating yet another mind-bending dub experience.  And maybe, just maybe, their signature sound will transform the genre in a way we haven’t seen since another Pablo introduced us to the sound and vibe of “Jah atmosphere.”


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