The MIDNIGHT RAVER BLOG is pleased to announce the recent addition of GLEN LOCKLEY as a contributing editor.

GLEN LOCKLEY has been collecting roots reggae, in particular Wailers music and memorabilia, since 1980, and has amassed a large and varied archive. In 1994, after meeting up with Roger Steffens in Amsterdam, he became founder, editor and main writer of Distant Drums, a rootzine dedicated to preserving and honouring the unique legacy of Bob Marley and the whole Wailers family. Assisted by a number of other like-minded fans, including Roger himself, the van Arnhem brothers, Wayne Auchaybur, Gael Doyen and Franco Mancini, twelve issues of the magazine were published, each packed full of information and articles about The Wailers.

The decision to end production of the magazine, which had been a major part of his life for over a decade, was difficult and done with a heavy heart. However, it gave him the opportunity to concentrate his efforts on adding to his collection and contribute to a number of projects, the most recent being Kevin McDonald’s Marley biopic. He also acts as former Wailers’ lead guitarist and vocalist Junior Marvin’s UK assistant and has compiled the most complete database of Junior’s work.

Glen is delighted to have the opportunity to share back-issues of Distant Drums with our readers, and will be contributing articles covering a wide range of Wailers-related subjects to our website.

Glen can be reached at: glenlockley@yahoo.co.uk


MARCH 1994

“The inaugural isssue features an interview with Tony Uter, percussionist with the Rico Rodriguez band, with reminisces on the 1977 Exodus tour. There is a also a look at Wailers bootlegs, the first part of a Bunny Wailer singles discography, the Wailers 1973 tour (complete with Jeff Griffin interview), and a celebration of Carlton Barrett.”




JUNE 1994

Bob’s 1975 tour is highlighted with a couple of vintage reviews re-printed. Roger Stefens makes his first contribution, discussing the luke warm reception given to the Never Ending Wailers album, an interview with Israel Vibration, and the continuation of the Bunny Wailer discography.


(September 1994)

The centre-piece of this isssue are interviews with Junior Marvin, Seeco Patterson, Familyman Barrett, and Leroy Romans. There is also a look at the career of Wailers organist Earl Wya Lindo, the 1976 Rastman Vibration tour and more from Roger Steffens.

distant+drums+issue+03 1



Another interview with Junior Marvin, the story of Iya Karna and the Wailers, and a nice interview with the DJ daddy U-Roy. The events preceding the Smile Jamaica concert are scrutinized, with the 56 Hope Road shooting incident investigated.


(May 1995)

Bob’s 50th birthday is celebrated, with Colin Leslie and Dennis Thompson interviewed. THe first installment of a Peter Tosh discography looks at the Steppin’ Razor’s single release between ’68 and ’72 , and the second part of the Smile Jamaica review recahes it’s climax with Bob’s astonishing performance at Heroes Park Circle.

distant+drums+issue+05 1


(September 1995)

Interviews in this issue include Ziggy Marley, the Meditations, Junior Marvin and Wayne Jobson. The Peter Tosh discography covers ’73 to ’80, and there are more 50th birthday celebrations. The real jewel in this issue’s crown is Roger’s examination of the famed Mother B bedroom tape, complete with lyric transcriptions.


(February 1996)

Interviews with Ziggy and Andrew Tosh are complimented by discussions with Mad Professor, Junior Marvin and Island’s Trevor Wyatt. Bob’s Ital chef Gilly Gilbert presents a recipe for Tofu Vege Stir Fry, the Exodus tour comes under the spotlight in Captured Live, and Roger reveals more lost treasures.

distant+drums+issue+07 1


(December 1996)

Ghetto Youths United carries Roger Steffens interviews with Steve and Julian Marley, while Majestic Warriors finds Roger in the presence of Cedella Marley Booker. Danny Sims is given freedom to voice his sometimes controversial views on Bob, and there is a detailed disection of the What Goes Around Comes Around single, and it’s varying mixes. The trawl through the vaults continues, with a choice selection of unreleased demos and alternates coming under close scrutiny.


(October 1997)

A preview of the upcoming Honorary Citizen box set is complemented by a previously unpublished Peter Tosh interview, with further interviews featuring Neville Garrick, King Sundiata Keita and photographer Adrian Boot. Bob’s return to Jamaica prior to the One Love Peace Concert is analysed, with an indepth study of the historic event.

distant+drums+issue+09 1



Reviews of the Complete Wailers Volume 1 and Honorary Citizen boxsets, along with a look at the controversial Dreams Of Freedom set. More on the One Love Peave Concert and an interview with Neville Garrick add up to another fine issue.

distant+drums+issue+10 1


(March 2001)

In depth studies of the Complete Wailers Vol.2 and Chant Down Babylon albums, a tribute to the late Junior Braithwaite, plus interviews with Ziggy Marley, Pablove Black & Al Anderson, and Steve Wiliamson and Dennis Rollins. Respect to Franco for this one!

Pages from distant_drums_issue_11



In this issue Bob Marley receives lifetime achievement Grammy award for his contributions to popular music; Aston Barrett files lawsuit against Marley estate in attempt to recoup royalties due; analysis of Wailers 1978 Kaya Tour by James Wilson; Matthew Smith scrutinizes the third installment of the Complete Bob Marley and the Wailers 1967-1972 by JAD Records; second half of Roger Steffens’ interview with the late Junior Braithewaite.

distant+drums+issue+12 1

8 thoughts on “DISTANT DRUMS

  1. crucial work joe 🙂 it should be more knows thats why we are trying to put more lights on this amazing piece of work that was distant drums 🙂

  2. Awesome! I have these in my saved searches on EBay….I’m psyched!! I’ve been looking for them for years. Going to email Glen now. Thanks Michael

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