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3 thoughts on “DONATE!

  1. Great blog! It really is a surprise gem. Thank you.
    The donation page won’t take my credit card.
    Is there an address that I can send a check to?

    • I was a truck driver for the commodores ( drove the rigging truck, The rigger was Stan Marie who was the house rigger in buffalo ny colisum. I was 22 at the time and from oklahoma. Which is my excuse for not being music savoy. What im trying to say is i spent an evening with marely and the wailers. what I remember most is standing on the steps at stage right with them watching the commodores.

  2. re; ron jaworsky. When Bob Marley died was when I realized that one night in 1980 I talked, ate the same catered meal, watched a concert backstage with one of the most respected musician in reggae. Now 34 years later that is one of my fondest memories in my 22 yrs in concert trucking and busing. Reggae sun-splash also was a great tour. Thank You for bringing back awesome memories. Glad i ran across this site. ron jaworsky.

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