On this page you will find contributions from our good friend Roger Steffens.  MIDNIGHT RAVER would never have launched without Roger’s steady guidance and the endless help he continues to give us in navigating the reggae landscape.  I see Roger Steffens as the Global Reggae Ambassador – a righteous spirit who livicates his life to promoting the music, educating its fans, and preserving its history.  He, more than anyone else, is primarily responsible for popularizing reggae in the U.S. through his talents as a broadcaster, writer, and lecturer.  

When I approached him with the idea of creating a website that would showcase the power of reggae and the brilliance of  the legendary artists who created and shaped its sound – a digital history of reggae – he was more than supportive – he wanted to be involved!  Roger is still our greatest supporter and our primary source for vintage reggae material including audio, video, interviews, live performances, and more. 

He continues to be an invaluable resource and friend, and I hope you enjoy his work and contributions as much as we do here at MIDNIGHT RAVER.

Please visit Roger at and at his REGGAE ARCHIVES!


The Steffens Family Acid
ROGER STEFFENS live and direct from Reggae On The River 2014!
Roger Steffens “”I think it would be a travesty if Snoop wins…”
Protojé, Addis Pablo, Doctor Dread, Roger Steffens on Riffin
Dennis Brown interviewed by Roger Steffens (Post #1000!)
MIDNIGHT RAVER talks with RoJah Steffens about going on tour with The Wailers
Steffens talks with the Cool Ruler (The Beat, 1995)
Steffens Talks ‘Survival’ on the Reggae Kulture Show
A video tour from BABYLON FALLING

Roger Steffens & Carlos Santana

Roger Steffens tours Babylon By Bus with Wailers
‘Walking In The Future’: Steffens interviews Tosh, The Beat, 1993
I Remember California, 1979
Dubwise Garage’s 70th Birthday Tribute to Ras Rojah Steffens
Roger Steffens’ Interview w/ Cindy Breakspeare, November 27, 1993
Carlton Barrett Tribute by Roger Steffens (KCRW FM Broadcast 1987)
Bob Marley Became The Reggae King Through Hard Work
Rare Live Reggae from Peter Simon Archive on Midnight Dread KTIM FM San Rafael CA USA March 1st-2nd 1981 + Bob live in PA
A Marley Photo Tome

Scanned Image 1


Scanned Image 2

A gift from Roger to the MIDNIGHT RAVER archives

Reality Strikes Midnight Dread Hypocrites & Harmonies KTIM February 15-16th, 1981
Birthday Bob Gatherings!
Bob Marley – I and Eye, the Photos of Kim Gottlieb-Walker
Wailing Rudy Jah Fire Weighty Eighties Midnight Dread #51 with Row Jah December 28-29th, Best of 1980
Bob Marley & the Wailers “Could You Be Loved” (Island) 7″ Rare Promo



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