Steffens, Family Acid gathering steam!

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Photographer Roger Steffens has taken iconic shots of rock and roll legends. But it’s his collection of personal snapshots of life in the 1970s – including some psychedelic double exposures – that is now attracting attention.

The work was mostly forgotten until his children digitised the slides and started posting them on Instagram. Now the @thefamilyacid feed has over 15,000 followers and the Steffens family has a new book, The Family Acid.

Roger and his children spoke to the BBC from Roger’s home in Los Angeles.

Filmed by Tim Myers. Produced by Bill McKenna and Regan Morris



Arise Black Man: The Peter Tosh Story

Arise Black Man: The Peter Tosh Story was originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4 FM November 23, 2010.

Peter Tosh found international fame alongside Bob Marley as a member of The Wailers.  As a solo artist he released several landmark reggae albums and even recorded with the Rolling Stones. But he was more than just a successful pop star: he was a revolutionary and a hero to many of Jamaica’s poor. He spent his life as a strident campaigner for civil rights and for the legalisation of marijuana. He was more militant and political than his former band mate and his uncompromising arrogance often landed him in serious trouble. For that reason, as this documentary reveals, his life could be as brutal as the way it ended. Grammy award winning film-maker Don Letts explores his career.


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Convocation Hall, Toronto, 1979

Black Roots Live, Bristol Studios, 1986

BLACK ROOTS are a heavy roots outfit from the St. Paul’s area of Bristol, England formed in 1979.  They toured extensively in the UK and Europe in the 1980s and early 1990s releasing several albums and singles during that time before disappearing from the music scene for about ten years. Their comeback began when Soundicate/Makasound, a French record label, released an album in 2004 and followed it up with another in 2007 (both were compilations made up from their extensive back catalogue).

They made my list of the 25 best reggae albums for 2013 with ON THE GROUND IN DUB.  They may be best known for their flawless performance on John Peel’s radio show in 1985, a performance which was captured on tape by the BBC and issued as BLACK ROOTS:  IN SESSION.  The album has been an essential listen for me since the late 1980s.

Here is an excerpt from one of the best live performances that I have on video.  The opening three songs are just the hardest, heaviest, dreadest vibes you’ll ever hear live….And you know me.  Damn all that happy-feel-good-I’m-in-love reggae music.  I take mine DREAD, and THE DREADER THE BETTER.  I like to suffer while I listen.

1. Juvenile Delinquent
2. Freedom Fighters
3.  All Day, All Night


17 North Parade set to release Eek-A-Mouse anthology

17 North Parade is planning to drop the neutron bomb on all reggae massive on November 25, 2013.

This is the day that EEKOLOGY officially drops.  The latest in their Reggae Anthology series, 17 North Parade  is single-handedly keeping classic roots and early dancehall alive today by consistently releasing the best anthologies available.  Just take a listen to this summer’s  Mighty Diamonds retrospective Pass the Knowledge: Reggae Anthology, the flawless Dennis Brown anthology The Crown Prince of Reggae:  Singles 1972-1985, or the powerful Sweet Reggae Music Reggae Anthology by Barrington Levy, and you will find out why you must immediately pre-order this forthcoming release chronicling the wild and unique career of one Ripton Hylton AKA Eek-A-Mouse.

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.27.05 PM

There is absolutely no doubt that this will be the finest reggae release of 2013.  Here is a look at the track listing for the 2 CD/1 DVD set:

Release date: 10/25/2013


01. Virgin Girl ^
02. Once A Virgin ^
03. Een A Moy ^
04. Creation *
05. My Father’s Land *
06. No Wicked Can’t Reign *
07. Noah’s Ark
08. Wa-Do-Dem
09. Tell Them
10. Falling Heroes
11. Ganja Smuggling
12. Operation Eradication (12” mix)
13. Georgie Porgie
14. Do You Remember (12” mix)
15. For Hire And Removal (12” mix)
16. Christmas-a-Come

01. Sensee Party
02. Some A Holla, Some A Bawl
03. Neutron Bomb
04. Anarexol (12” mix)
05. Modelling Queen
06. Stadium Hot
07. Terrorist in the City
08. Wa-Do-Dem (BBC John Peel session) ^
09. Hitler (BBC John Peel session) ^
10. Assassinator (BBC John Peel session) ^
11. For Hire And Removal (BBC John Peel session) ^
12. Star, Daily News & Gleaner
13. Wild Like a Tiger
14. Taller Than King Kong
15. Rude Boys A Foreign
16. Tek Wey
17. Let There Be Night

* First time available
^ First time available on CD

DVD ‘Live at Reggae Sunsplash 1982’
1. Ganja Smuggling
2. For Hire And Removal
3. Neutron Bomb
4. Assassinator
5. Wa-Do-Dem


Side A
1. Once A Virgin
2. Virgin Girl
3. Een A Moy
4. Creation *
5. No Wicked Can’t Reign *
6. My Father’s Land *

Side B
1. Rude Boys A Foreign
2. Taller Than King Kong
3. Tell Them   
4. Neutron Bomb
5. For Hire And Removal

*First time available

Thanks to our good friend Zack Reed and the rest of the kind folks at VP/17 North Parade, and a few crucial records from the RAVER archives, here is an exclusive “FIRST LISTEN” to several of the album’s rare and previously unreleased tracks.

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 8.49.15 PM

My Father’s Land
My Father’s Dub
Wicked Shall Not Reign
Wicked Shall Not Dub
Once A Virgin
Hitler (John Peel Sessions 1983)
Wa Do Dem
Elizabeth (John Peel Sessions 1983)
Taller Than King Kong
Assassinator (John Peel Sessions 1983)
Hire and Removal (John Peel Sessions 1983)

Eek-A-Mouse - Reggae Anthology  Eek-Ology - Artwork