Fred “Reggaelover” P has been working for more than a year to construct the most complete Wailers discography available.  Please note that the discography is still under construction as Fred is constantly updating it as new records come to light.  We ask that you take a look at this amazing contribution to MIDNIGHT RAVER.  If you have something to add, please email us at midnightraverblog@gmail.com and we will update the discography.

Please click on the image below to access the online discography.



  1. I new Junior Braithwaite many years ago. He was my brother and I loved him very much. We both were in ONE LOVE REGGAE band in Chicago Illinois from 1979-1982. He was the main lead singer though a few did lead songs including myself. Our band was awesome, we toured the Mid West and Chicago area. We were one of the first bands to perform and the legendary Wild Hare in Chicago.

    We went on to open up for acts like Inner Circle, Steel Pulse, Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff, Black Uhuru and many others. There is a ONE LOVE BAND performing now, but that is not our ONE LOVE REGGAE band. We all went our ways and sort of lost contact over the years, I spoke with Junior AKA Azariel, around 1984 and he told me that some opportunities were opening up for him, he mentioned he may be working with the Wailers soon. I told him that was great, and that I was very happy for him. I moved to California and that is where I lost contact with him, we did not have face book or google back then.

    He always talk about and cherished the time he spent as a WAILER in his youth, he was very proud of this. I bought the LP with( It hurts to be alone) on it and told him I was proud of him too. Fans would always tell him that they listen to this song.

    I did not find out for some time that this tragic thing had happened to him. You see, he is the last person that you would think this could happen to. He was such a humble and meek person. He loved every one, and he LOVED JAH most. He cannot speak for himself, but I can. He was a true Lion, he was full of love, courage and much much Wisdom. I know he is in the hands of the father, and working on a plan to help all people, he loved every one. But he loved his own deeply. See you in eternity my brother.


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